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Infinity Chiropractic Center

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“Our Mission is to educate and empower people of all ages to utilize chiropractic care as the cornerstone of restoring and enhancing their bodies to reach maximum potential.”


“The Chiropractic Paradigm”


       At Infinity Chiropractic, we recognize that chiropractic is based on the principle that the body is a self healing and self regulating organism. Within each of us is a powerful inborn ability, our innate intelligence, that controls and coordinates all functions of our body using the nerve system as its conduit. Every second that you are alive your body is coordinating millions of intricate processes with nerve impulses to keep you alive and healthy. Your brain and nerve system control every organ, every cell and every process in your body by way of your spinal nerves.

         Thus, it stands to reason when these nerve impulses are interrupted or diminished through spinal subluxations (misalignments), the flow of life from your brain to the cells of your body is virtually shut off or disconnected. The result is a body that is unable to adapt internally to outside stresses leading to dysfunction and overall poor health.

         The biggest misconception about chiropractic is the fact that it is to be only utilized for people with back pain. Nothing can be further from the truth. Science has validated with numerous research studies that interruption to proper nerve flow by spinal subluxations can affect all functions of the body and that a proper functioning nerve system is the master force behind all healing in the body. That is why it is common to see entire families choosing chiropractic in our office, realizing that no one is ever too young or too old to obtain a healthy nerve system for life.

Proudly Serving: East Lansing, Okemos, Lansing, Haslett

We Provide:  Pregnancy Care, Pediatric Care, Family Care, Spinal Adjustments, Webster Technique and On Site X-Rays

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