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Infinity Chiropractic Center

517- 324-LIFE (5433)


Our Mission


Our Vision

To be the elite chiropractic office in our community by  supporting people of all ages to reach their optimum health potential naturally. To care for entire families, thus empowering and strengthening our community as a whole. To educate and enlighten our patients to understand the innate healing ability we all possess, so they may share this knowledge with others.


Our Commitment

To lead by example with purity of intention; in order to honor the wisdom of your body and the integrity of your nerve system.


To maintain and promote chiropractic’s unique identity.


To encourage the highest professional and ethical standard for the members of our chiropractic community.


To provide an ongoing spirit of service, dedication and honesty, holding ourselves accountable for the services we provide and to the people we care for.


To reaffirm that Chiropractic is an ongoing process designed to increase the expression of your Innate healing energy, giving your body the ability to reach optimum potential.


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