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Innate Intelligence


When you were born, your body knew exactly what to do to keep you healthy. It knew how fast your heart should beat, how often your lungs should breathe, how you should digest your food, and a million other things its own functions. You body knows all this because we all possess an Innate Intelligence that is expressed through our nerve system. This knowledge that our bodies are born with –knowledge that no school can teach! Instructions from the Innate Intelligence are sent to every organ and cell in your body via the nerve system. If the instructions are received and followed properly, your body is able to reach and maintain the optimum level of health. However, if there is any interference with the transmission of those instructions the result is less than optimal health. When your body can no longer function normally, it is said to be in a state of dis-ease. Innate Intelligence is present inside you as well as in your child. Chiropractic care removes interference to your child’s Innate Intelligence allowing proper communication between your brain and body.

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